In 1996, God gave birth to a dream – a dream of a church that would be defined not by the size of its membership or budget, but rather by the lives of people touched by the healing, forgiving, life-changing love of God. Today, that is who we are at Pine Ridge Fellowship! We are a community of over 600 ordinary people who have experienced the extraordinary love of God.

From the very beginning, our purpose has been to help others experience that same love in all phases of their journey. From spiritual seeker to fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ, we are passionate about sharing God’s Word and His love with each person in ways that are culturally relevant and biblically sound.

Our hearts desire at Pine Ridge Fellowship is to develop a healthy “Acts 2” church where our mission, vision, and core values find expression in who we are and what we do as believers. We believe the measuring stick for success is changed lives, and that there is nothing that can match the joy of a husband and wife experiencing hope for their marriage, a man or woman experiencing freedom from addiction and healing from their past, young people discovering their purpose in life, or a new believer growing into a healthy Christ follower.

Through the power of the Holy Spirit, God is fulfilling the dream one day, one life and one marriage at a time. Because we believe so firmly in the words of John 15:5 that “apart from Him we can do nothing” we believe that God alone is worthy of all glory & honor for all that has been, is and will be at Pine Ridge Fellowship.


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