At PRF there are numerous ways to Serve Jesus by Serving Others. Some of these are “Inreach” where we serve those within the church and others are ways we reach the lost and we call that “Outreach” where we serve those outside of the church. All are ways that we can serve Jesus by serving others. Here are a few examples and the contact person to try it out. Don’t worry – serving once does not co
mmit you to signing your whole life to that project. Come try one out and see if you find Jesus in serving others… We bet you will! circle-serve

Serving in the Church:

Facilities Team: Jeremy Hostetler
(Provides leadership over our facilities on both campuses, overseeing repairs and improvements as well as future needs)
First Touch Team Normandy: Michael Wycuff
(Provides greeters from parking lot to worship centers as well as ushers and guides)
Student Ministries: Robert Ortiz
(Provides mentors and support to our Middle and High School Students)
Children’s Ministries:  Keila Stilwell-Hernandez
(Provides encouragement and guidance to children from 6 weeks to elementary age)
Communications Team: Yvonne Levesque
(Team helps by proofreading, folding, stuffing, mailing all print, social media, and electronic and video communication for the church)
Praise Team: Jen Alderman
(Leads us in musical worship by using their gifts to honor God and includes vocalists and instrumentalists)
Media Team: Jeremy Presutti
(Leads us in worship through the Video, Audio and Internet mediums by providing technological support for the furthering of the Kingdom of God.)

 There are also serving opportunities outside the church in Outreach